Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eleven days!

I'm up, got my coffee in hand and am ready to face the day again without my Barney. The good new is in 11 more days we finally go to bring Fred home!! This weekend we are going shopping for all things puppy. Bring it on! We're going to check out Pet Smart in London, hopefully get a bed, some toys and a stuffed animal for him to cuddle with (just until he realizes I am his new Mom, of course!). Then he can cuddle with me. Although, if it's any indication from our first visit to pick him out, I think Fred will probably forgo the stuffed animal and go right to me. Like I said before, he ain't stupid!!
I have lots to do before Fred comes. I have to finish the bunny I am knitting for my grandaughter "Emma". Who by the way just started crawling 2 days ago.:) I knit a bear for Cameron when he was born, sure it looks like it has a broken neck, but hey, it's homemade. And just maybe I will finish up the afghan I started when I had surgery 11 years ago!! (I said maybe). Then there's the whole puppy proofing the house. This I really didn't have to do when we got Barney. We had Bear at the time who was six years old and he was basically our sitter. Barney stuck to him like glue (literaly when he was going through puberty) but that's another story. He used Bear as his chew toy and Bear didn't mind it one bit. I think Bear enjoyed having a buddy to play with. This time around it is just going to be us and the "Fredster". There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog, in this case a basset!!

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  1. Ahhhh yes....Barney's puberty "phase"....I don't think any of us could forget that! :)

    I can't wait to see what you buy for Fred on the weekend:)


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