Monday, June 28, 2010

10 Weeks Old

Yep, Fred is 10 weeks old today! We have officially survived the last 2 weeks. Sure it's been like a Walt Disniey movie around our house and we still have a long way to go, but I love it. I have to laugh everytime someone comes over and says, "So, he's pretty quiet, eh." Ah, no. This would only be because for the past hour and a half he has been tearing around like a wild man and by the time somebody comes to visit, he is wore out. So I have taken a few small videos as proof! We have lots of war wounds from his razor sharp baby teeth and his little nails. The only good thing is, when he stops he drops like a rock and is out for a couple of hours! This gives me time to bandage up our wounds and get some things done around the house in peace and quiet, like writing on my blog. Boy, this sure bring back memories of when my kids were young! It's just that this one barks, doesn't wear a diaper and constantly talks back already; oh yeah, and did I mention, Loves to eat dirt! I actually did get some sleep last night and his accidents are fewer, but it's all going to take time and effort on my part. I am just thankful that my hubby Steve starts his holidays this Thursday for 3 weeks. Little does he know, he too will be sharing in this viscious cycle called "Fred". We will be like a tag team! I wish I could patent Fred as a new exercise program 'cause boy have I gotten a lot! All in all, Fred's our baby and in the end all this effort will pay off as he is going to be the BEST DARN BASSET HOUND YA EVER SEEN!!

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