Saturday, June 5, 2010

And Then There Were Nine.......

Yep, nine more days until we bring Freddy boy home. He has no idea just how spoiled and loved he is going to be. Sure, he will live a very "posh" life here, but isn't that what bassets do?
So, you're wondering "What's with the bunny picure?" Well, for the last few years the rabbits have had a nest in our back flower bed. There is usually about 3 babies. In the beginning I used to get so frustrated as they ate all my young plants. I used to try to put out other things for them to eat so they wouldn't eat my plants, I even bought a flat of petunias for them. But, no, they liked the ones that were actually planted. Because they are bunnies, you just can't stay mad, I mean come on, they're BUNNIES!!!
When Barney was here, we would sit out back in our lawn chairs with the hound at our feet, and 2 feet away the bunny would be eating the clover in our grass. Yes, Barney the hound wasn't bothered by the bunny and the bunny wasn't bother by him. Sure he was a basset hound (weren't they bred for scaring rabbits out of holes?) but, I think he probably just thought, "Hey why should I get up. The bunny's already out of the hole."
Now, I watch out for the bunnies and am just thankful I have lots of hostas as they don't eat them. This is my "fill in" pet to love as I eagerly await the arrival of Fred at our home. Hopefully one day we will be sitting out back in our lawn chairs with Fred laying at our feet, a bunny 2 feet away and Fred will be looking at us saying "You deal with it "cause I'm not getting up!!

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  1. That's a great picture of the bunny:) I have a feeling Fred won't just be laying there while the bunnies are'll be a loooong time before he lets them be hehe.


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