Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Hmmm....I Think Fred's Feeling Better

Okay, you can't expect me to be wordless, I've been without the internet for 4 1/2 days!! My new modem arrived and well, you know it wasn't going to be just an easy "hook it up and go" set-up.  No of course it had to involve being on the phone with a technician to work through the issues.  But it's over now and I'm free to blog and pin ('cause I'm officially addicted to Pinterest now) like crazy!

You don't realize just how much you depend on the internet until you don't have access anymore.  Between having no internet and camera, I think I was in severe withdrawal! lol
Freddie really seems to be getting better.  I first noticed it when we got home from the Detroit Lions home opener game on Sunday night.  He was actually wagging his tail and played outside with Gloria.  It was only for about 10 minutes, but that's the first he's played or even wagged his tail since the beginning of August! His body isn't hot and red anymore.  Just his feet are red and his eyes are still a little swelled and yucky and he's still itchy.  But not like he was.  I kept saying I just wanted him back to his normal "little bugger" self.  Well, he is!

I took this picture this morning.  That's just another recipe I should have copied into my book.

All these pictures are with my new camera.  It's a small Nikon Coolpix I bought last weekend.  My good camera has been sent back to Nikon under warranty as the flash shorted out.  It sounded like firecrackers going off when I tried to take a picture.  Not good.  So it could be weeks or I'm sure months, before I see that camera again and I had to have one by Sunday as the football game was going to be a very special one and I wanted pictures.  I was going to meet a blogger friend at the game during half time!

So Sunday after 2 1/2 hours on the 401 and stopping at every On Route to pee.

'Cause that's just the way it is when you get older. Travelling is all about timing your pee breaks.

We made it to the tunnel.

I'm still nervous going through the tunnel but I just try not to think about the water that you see seeping in some of the cracks.

Half an hour later we were in the stadium...

and I was posing with Roary.

I was anxious waiting for half time so I could stand in front of the Pro Shop and wait to meet that special blogger friend.

The stadium was packed and I was nervous wondering if we could really find each other in all these thousands of people.  But we did. 
Standing outside the Pro Shop in a sea of people I heard "Janet? Janet is that you!"
And there she was.

My blogger friend.

It's Caren from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody and Dakota's Den!!   What a wonderful, beautiful woman!  I was so happy to finally meet her in person.  It felt like I'd known her forever and we could have talked for hours!  We chatted a little past half time. Then we said our goodbyes, hugged and went back to our seats to join our husbands for the second half of the game.  I am still in awe!  It was just so exciting to meet her in person!  Caren, your the best!

So, Freddie's getting better, I have another camera for pictures, I finally met Caren and my internet is back just in time for me to display my new backpack that Sarge's Momma made for me for the back to school bash!! If you want to see all the cool back packs just pop over to Sarge's blog.

What a great job!  It is so me. :)

All is right with the world.........for now.

Queue music................

"Stop the music! STOP THE MUSIC!!"

"What am I Momma?  Chopped liver?!"

"Oh, right.  Sorry Gloria."
"And Gloria did this"

Queue music...................

And yes, the Lions won! Yay!


  1. What a cool post & it's so nice to actually see what other pup's mamas look like! We are glad to hear that Fred is on the mend.
    Wallace & Samuel

  2. So glad Fred is better, Gloria is well....Gloria and you won the football game! Deccy x

  3. Sounds like a great day....Freddie feeling well, meeting your blog friend and the team winning!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Woof! Woof! Silly FRED ... he is sure feels better. OH my you went to Michigan to watch the game. How FUN to meet a fellow blogger. Happy WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. Isn't it just THE coolest thing to meet one of your fellow bloggers???? I did that and she is now one of my best friends!! She only lives about a half hour from me!! It was SO Exciting and I know just how you felt meeting your friend!! Way glad to hear that Fred is feeling better and your internet is back AND you even got a new camera! Wow! What a week!! Happy WW!! :)
    xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  6. We are glad Fred is feeling better and is back to mischief, so cool you met a fellow blogger!

    urban hounds

  7. Glad you are back and that Freddie is better now. Nice for you and Caren to meet up and we are pleased you had a good time. I picked a post by Reuben for Share It Sunday on your behalf as I wasn't sure when you'd be back. Hope you don't mind. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Oh Dog! I can't believe it's been so long since I visited last. Freddie, I am so glad you're doing better! And Gloria, you are looking good girlfriend! woo woo woo! Take care you guys!

  9. It is really cool to meet fellow bloggers! Good for you Freddie and Gloria also on her roll over!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  10. Good gravies ya'll has had lots goin on. It's good to knows I can relax a little nows dat Freddie is back to hisself agian...finally!

    Dat is so excitin' you gotted to meet Caren, I not know hers but her looks like hers would be fun to hang out with.


  11. We're so glad you got your internet back and especially that Freddie's feeling better! Sounds like some kind of seasonal allergy - this is one of those times when you're glad to see cold weather come in! :)

    Isn't it wonderful how blogging introduces us to new friends? And it's so much fun to meet them in person!

    With your internet woes, you may not have seen Molly the Wally's blog on Sunday - we nominated you for Share It Sunday, and sweet Molly featured one of your posts we submitted to her. Here's the link: . :D

  12. Great to see you again! I am happy Fred is better! Awesome post, my friend!

  13. I am so glad that Fred is feeling better. So do you think it was the plant he ate?

    Ah yes the tunnel. Have been through that many times. Years ago you could occasionally spot water dripping. As a kid, I used to freak out about it. lol The worst is getting stuck in traffic in there.

    Yay for internet and meeting bloggie friends!

  14. Sounds like all is going really well! So happy to hear Fred is doing better. And YAY for meeting good friends. It sounds like you had so much fun :)

  15. Oh my goodness! You met Caren!!! How I wish I could meet her in person! I adore her, love her Cody and of course, her Dakota : )

    So glad that Freddie is feeling better!

  16. wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooo. So glad all is right again. fred is getting to be himself, joy joy joy. And Gloria is as lovely as ever. The Lions won. Could it get any better?

  17. Great stuff all around! The camera takes great shots, I'm glad freddie is better, and I wish I could have met Caren too. We were going to meet at blogpaws, but she didn't make it.

  18. YAY, Freddie is feeling better! I have been so worried!! I am also thrilled to see Gloria again! ;) Having no internets is the pits! BTW, my mom is in need of a PA claas...all she does is Pintrest...there needs to be an intervention!


  19. You mean to tell me that tunnel is still seeping water? We moved to Florida from Michigan 20 years ago and probably haven't been in that tunnel to Canada for at least 25 years (used to go shopping over there on weekends) and the tunnel was "wet" then and scared me to death. So we usually ended up taking the Ambassador Bridge whenever possible.

    So glad to hear that Freddie is getting back to his normal hap-pee self again. Keep up the good work, Fred. And, Gloria, a special hug to you too.

  20. YEA... Freddie is Better!!! I know about that travel and PEE stuffs.. my mom Pees every 87 minutes... or LESS... and panics when she goes places where she doesn't now WHERE the potties are.

  21. Wow! Sounds like you had one heck of a weekend! Glad Freddie is feeling better, hope to meet Caren myself someday, glad the Lions won (good for them!), and yes, Gloria is cute!

    Christie from

  22. Alanis would like to tell Gloria that such is life--the dogs that cause the most trouble get the most blog attention but good manners are superior in the long run. (At least that's my translation of what she said.)

  23. Hey Fred, Hey Gloria, Jet here. Hi Miss Janet.

    What a great post... congrats on the Lions, much prettier than the Dolphin situation. Soooo glad to read that Freddie is on the mend. Gloria looks like her usual happy go lucky self. My human grandpa used to design and mass produce backpacks! Yours looks great! How cool to meet another blogpal... :)

  24. I burst out laughing at Gloria's expression!! Perfect commentary. I am SO glad Fred is feeling better!!!

  25. Yay! Fred's a lot better! And Gloria is just the cutest thing EVER!

  26. Glad to hear Freddie is doing a little better1 I was worried about him!

    I can't believe you got to meet Caren, that is awesome and I can't believe she was wearing a Lions Jersey! My eyes actually burned after seeing that! (she USE to be a Browns fan:)))))))))))))))

  27. YAY!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!! Even more important...FREDDIE IS FEELING BETTER YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ohhhh you brought tears to my eyes with your kind words! THANK YOU! I was just tickled beyond belief to FINALLY meet you and your incredible hubby! (My hubby will meet him the next game that you are at!) had to post the full face photo eh? lol. I like the hiding one! You are a true gem and I am certain that we will be friends furever!!!

    I am going to STEAL your photos and post them on Dakota's blog for Lion's football this SUNDAY!!! Yep I will link back to you, you can count on it!

    @Priscilla I ADORE you too and one day I KNOW we will meet!

    @Jen OMG you made me laugh! Yep I am a LIONS FAN AND a BROWNS fan!!! Thankfully they are in opposing leagues!!!

    I am so happy to see you back that I just can't stand it! xoxoxoxo

  28. Sounds like all that has happened,everything is turning out great! So glad to hear about Freddie, hope he continues to feel better. I don't know about being a Lions Fan, but that tunnel is a trip, isn't it?

  29. I am glad life is going better. Lee sure understands those pee breaks on the highway. We stop more for her than me. Glad Freddie is getting better. I might get a chance to meet Frankie, Ernie & Sarge next week. They are coming to my city, but don't know what they are doing yet.
    Thanks for being a friend,
    Sweet William The Scot

  30. Love the bassetts! - driving by from the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop!

  31. This was the most wonderful news that Freddie is better! We have been keeping our paws crossed for him! And the backpack is great too. Nice to have a good time at the game but the seeping water would worry our mom too!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  32. Hi Y'all,

    Just want to hop on by and touch base with y'all. Looks like y'all are havin' a great day!

    Yeh! Freddie! So glad you're back! With you havin' no Internet we had plenty of time to imagine HORRIBLE stuff! Yikes!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  33. Glad you're back online, and Fred is feeling better.
    Snuggles to sweet Gloria too.

  34. Yea! So glad to have you back. And even better to hear that Freddie's on the mend.

    You sure are having a bad run with technology. I hope your camera gets fixed soon but these are great pictures anyway. Love the one with you and Freddie snuggled on the couch and Gloria's protest picture.

    And how cool that you got to meet Caren. That's a great picture of you two!

  35. That's a very impressive trick, Gloria. My mom person is jealous that you got to meet Caren. They've tried to meet up a couple of times and it always falls through.

    I'm glad that Fred seems to be on the road to health.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  36. Glad Fred is feeling better. Sounds like a fun trip. Happy Wednesday Hailey and Zaphod

  37. Great day and so glad Fred is feeling better!

  38. wow! Glad your internet connection is fixed (mom would lose her mind!), and so happy that you met Caren! That's so cool! Most of all, we're very glad that dear Freddie is feeling better! Gloria's looking good too!

  39. I'm glad Freddie is feeling better. Stetson started itching again, but it's not that bad right now I started him on his fish oil pills to see if that helps and I think I'm going to change his food again.

    Good win for your Lions. They made it exciting!

    Happy WW!

  40. Glad Freddie is feeling better, that you have internet service again and that you had a great time at the game with Caren!

  41. We are so happy you are feeling better Freddie. And what a great day at the football game. Whooa!
    Benny & Lily

  42. Glad to hear Fred is feeling better. Wishing him well. Gloria's pictures cracked me up! You have my sympathy for being internet-less for that many days.

  43. I'm so glad Fred is feeling better!

    And I am super jealous that you got to meet Caren! She is just one of the sweetest ladies. I was really disappointed I didn't get to see her at BlogPaws this summer!

  44. Yay Bassetmomma,

    So happy you're back online and super happy that Freddie's starting to feel better too!! It's always a good sign when Mischief resumes - even my Mum says that!! So I figure I should let her know each day I'm feeling well!! Tee Hee

    So awesome that you got to meet Caren, we love her too, we were excited that we were going to meet her at Blopaws but then she got sick, hopefully one day it will happen, and hopefully one day we'll get to meet you and the gang too?

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  45. SO happy you're back online!! And I think it's so awesome that you got to meet Caren! She seems like such a wonderful lady and I can tell you two really hit it off :)

  46. Hello! Found your blog through the Hailey Chronicles. Great read- seems like your pets are pretty hilarious. Especially Gloria :)

  47. Good news you are back on the net but the best news is Fred is getting better :)

    ps I am hooked on Pinterest also ;)

  48. So glad things are back to normal...almost. That picture of Gloria made me say, "Awwww." What sweet eyes. Poor Freddie's eyes, but at least he sounds like he's on the mend.

  49. So glad Freddie is doing better, that you are back on the internet and your Lions won! Your pictures are awesome...especially the one of you and Caren:) That is so cool that you two met!

  50. Hi - found my way over from Dakota's Den... Great pics. Your pups are so cute. How fun to meet Caren!

    And the Tim Horton's sign... oh, that makes me hungry. (Used to live in Canada - my hubby is Canadian - and miss them.)


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