Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Got An Award!

I was so excited to see that raisingdaisy has chosen my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you!  Fred, Gloria and I are honoured.  You should stop for a visit at raisingdaisy to see the day in the life of an adorable Havachon pup.  You'll also find lots of informative doggy tips, news and reviews.


The first part of the award reqires me to tell you ten things about the bassets that you don't know. The second part is to pass on the award to six other blogs.

Here's the first part.

1. Fred and Gloria are not related in anyway. They just came from the same kennel.

2. Fred's registered name is Fabulous Fred and he lives up to that name everyday.

3. Fred and Gloria both love to give basset hound hugs in the morning squishing their heads into my legs.

4. Fred's favourite show is Dogs with jobs. I think he just likes watching other dogs work for a living!

5. I think Fred secretly hates his Detroit Lions collar. He just wears it for his Momma.

6. I think Gloria secretly hates her Seattle Seahawks collar. She just wears it for her Dad.

7. Gloria jumps at every little noise and Fred just couldn't care less.

8. Fred hides when he sees me get the gentle leader for his walk. Once it's on he's okay, he loves his walks. I just have to catch him first.

9. Gloria loves the idea of a walk but peters out very quickly if she doesn't pace herself. My husband has had to go home and get the car to pick us up and bring us home. LOL!

10. Fred never sleeps on a flat surface. He always has to be on some kind of pillow or cushion, towel or pile of clothes. Anything that isn't flat.

Now I have to pick six blogs to nominate for this award. There are so many great blogs out there, but I have to choose just six. Here they are.

1. Koontai's Climb - The adventures of a black lab/border collie cross.

2. The Life and Times of Remington - The very busy and comical life of a big black Newfie dog.

3. HoundDogMom - Life with bassets, basset rescue and transportation.

4. Urban Hounds - A funny mix of dogs, their tales, reviews and tasty doggy recipes.

5. Hoods Happenings - Life with Miss Mindy.

6. YeeWittleThings - About the daily ups and downs of a stay at home mom of two young kids, one of whom has a severe peanut allery.

Pop over and check them out. Thanks again to raisingdaisy at Everyday Adventures of Havachon Heaven!

No, it's not sunny here but all our snow has melted and it's raining like crazy! :(


  1. Congrats on your award! It was fun learning more about Fred and Gloria. Its funny that Gloria over-works herself on a walk. :)

  2. Congratulations on your award! Loved reading the "Fun Facts" about Fred and Gloria.

  3. You're right - Daisy and Fred do have things in common! I laughed when I read numbers 4 and 9 - I can just picture Gloria waiting for her ride back home! LOL I LOVE the last picture - how cute are they!!!!

  4. Congrats on your award! I love learning more about my friends! Thank you for giving me the are very kind....

  5. Congrats to you (and to Gloria and Fabulous Fred - love it!) on your award! :)

  6. Congrats mom! Your blog deserves it :) And thank you for nominating my blog! Even though I pretty much know everything about my "furr-lings", I still love reading about them! xo

  7. Congrats! I got an award yesterday!
    Dachshund Nola

  8. Congrats on your award, and for giving it to me too! Not sure I know how to link yet though. We will give it a shot! Love your new header!!
    Miss Mindy and her Mom!


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