Friday, December 2, 2011

The Big Brown Comfy Chair

There's been a shift in the Gilbert household. 

Gloria learned how to get into the big brown comfy chair.

Shortly after she retired here to her forever home from Autumn Blaze Bassets,  Freddie and her fell into a routine.  It took a bit but Fred taught her how to jump up onto our bed.  Once she was up there the first time she had this look of amazement on her face like "this is awesome! They really let you sleep here Freddie?"  Now it's just a given. 
Again, NEED A KING SIZE BED!  Okay, I'll let that one go and move on.
Then there's the living room furniture Fred has always called his own, i.e. couch and chair, not the table, that would just be silly. Well, and too uncomfortable for the hounds. So, Fred has always had his comfy chair and the couch when he feels the need.  These have been HIS spots since we brought him home when he was a baby (awwwwe, sniff, sniff).  Gloria has been with us since April 1st of this year and being five years old and a kennel dog was quite happy laying on her cosy bed on the living room floor.  Then, last Thursday, for whatever reason, she went to lay down,  took one look at the comfy chair and said "Screw it!"  She barreled past Fred and tried climbing in.
Oh, it wasn't pretty, watching as she struggled around the stool to get up there, then finally realized climbing on the stool first, worked.  But she just didn't know what to do or how to lay when she got there!

So, she just kinda laid hanging half out of the chair.  I probably would have had more pictures, but I was too busy laughing my butt off!  I tried too look away 'cause I knew she was embarrassed, but it was hard not to watch and snicker. 
Then it started. 
The fighting over the chair.
Every time Fred got out of the chair.

Gloria got in the chair.

Now, when they come in from outside,  it's a race for the big comfy chair.  And of course, Gloria always wins out, (She is a little heftier) now that she has learned to run and jump into it.
Then Freddie has his little fit........

"I want the chair!" "Whaaaaaaaaaa!!"

Then he gets on the couch.

"Rats!"  "Foiled again!"
So, my days now go something like this........
"Momma, Gloria's in my chair."
"Momma, Freddie's in my chair."
Then of course Fred has to get all dramatic.
Then the standoff.
Fred....... "I'm not moving, you move!"
Gloria..... "No, I'm not moving, you move!"
Everyday now is the same thing.  Just like the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray.
The only exception is when their Dad decides he wants the chair and kicks both of them out!  Then they wind up here, of course!
Ya, that Detroit Lions shirt is the only one I own.  hee!hee!


  1. Musical chairs for sure. We have a lot of that at our house. We thinks Gloria might need a little bit bigger foot stool. She is my kind of hound for sure "a little round hound". BOL Oh, Freddie you are pretty handsome yourself but remember the Queen will always win. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute photostory!

    Girls rule supreme.

  3. I am a strict doggie mum - no dogs on human furniture boo hoo! But as well as my houndies beds, they have an old armchair in the kitchen which is their's alone.

    By the way - I am loving your crocheted blankies particularly the pink & brown one. Is the red, green and white one especially for the holiday season? Did you hook these yourself?
    Best wishes from the UK

  4. Great photos! My favorite was the photos begging your human to let you on the chair! I'm rooting for Gloria because she's a girl like me! GO GLORIA!

  5. I think we should all have our own couch....I claim which ever one I want -- no one seems to I am just going to keep quiet....have a fun weekend -- love the pics!

  6. You two are VERY FUNNY! hehe
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  7. We do have to take care of their comfort first, don't we? lol

  8. How funny! In my house it's usually the cats that take the dog spots. We don't tattle because cats have those sharp claws!

  9. You need at least two more chairs!


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