Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Lounger

In the summer I love to relax in my lounge chair. Bear used to lay in the lounge chair with me. Barney used to lay in the lounge chair with me. When Freddie was a baby he used to lay in the lounge chair with me. This year as soon as I brought it out and got it set up, I went into the house to get my cup of tea and a Food and Wine magazine to read and came out to this.

Apparently Fred remembers the lounge chair and thinks it's his.(Like everything else around here!) So I quickly corrected him and got in my chair. Well, darn! I forgot my reading glasses so when I went in to get them I came back out to this.

"Is this Florida?"
"No Gloria."
"Well, isn't that where you go to retire?"

Anyway, that Gloria she catches on quick. Well, at least Fred didn't try to get back in it, oh no, that's because ole Freddie is fast asleep in the new patio chair!

So of course I make them get down and go onto their own, god forbid, soft cushy bed on the patio.

Which of course they will not learn to share.

But they have no problem sharing THIS!

And while were at it, they have no problem sharing this either!

Yes, that would be my view when I look down the middle of our bed at night.

"Basset Hounds rule Momma." "Just deal with it!"

1 comment:

  1. Yes...Basset Hounds DO rule "Momma" They are the cutest hounds!! Love them.


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