Friday, June 24, 2011

Movie Nights

I love it when my Stevie and I have movie nights. We get our p.j.'s on, make our popcorn (or chip and dip!), divide up our chocolate and any other snacks we have, make tea and settle in for a good movie. This past week has been great. Gloria has learned to go up and down the stairs with Fred so we can finally watch our movies on the big screen down in the football room!

I mean, come on, look at that picture!

Gloria is such a sweetie and soooo proud of herself that she can make it up and down the basement stairs now. (It ain't pretty....but she does it!) She has to be everywhere that I am so now she curls up on her bed downstairs at my feet.

Fred, well that's a different story! First he takes my Detroit Lions chair, I'm sure it's just so I won't try and sit there.

Then once I am comfortable on the couch, he whines to get up there and lay on his...uh....I mean Steves' Seattle Seahawks blanket hopefully beside me but usually on my lap.

It's usually a little freaky and there is a lot of slobber involved which can be kind of a downer when your trying to enjoy your snacks! God love him, life is never boring!

We watched three movies on Blue-Ray this week and they were all great! We covered it all.
A western with True Grit.
No replacing John Wayne, but boy was Jeff Bridges great in this movie not to mention Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld, holy cow she was terrific!

Then a science fiction with I Am Number Four.
No well known actors here but they all played great parts including Timothy Olyphanx. We were in the mood for an "I Am Number Five, Six etc. right after it was so good.

Last night was a comedy, Just Go With It.
This movie was hilarious! Jennifer Aniston(Katherine) and Adam Sandler(Danny) were awesome together. The two kids Bailee Madison(Maggie) and Griffon Gluck(Michael)played their parts great and were funnier than heck. Not to mention the guy who played Adam Sandlers friend Eddie (Nick Swardson) and the sheep! That's all I'm going to say on that. We laughed our a@&es off!

So, thank God for rainy nights, good movies, great company, junk food and Gloria learning the stairs!

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