Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dove Tales

We have a family of Doves. Okay, maybe their not technically "ours" but they are our tenants. The pair nested in the clematis vines outside our back door in the spring and have been wonderful to watch. They fly in and out of the vines taking turns sitting on the nest. Sadly they have lost a few babies but the two that survived have been coming out of the nest testing their wings. I got some great pictures.

That is the Momma (or Daddy?) sitting by the nest.

Here, let me get closer.

Closer still.

I didn't realize the babies were here until one day.........

You guessed it. Fred and Gloria spotted one behind their...uh..I mean our lounger. So, the hounds went into the house and I got my camera!

This is the first baby that plopped down from the top of the lattice and landed on the bistro table.

This is baby number two that had ventured from the nest.

Going back to the nest.

Peeking out. Apparently this ones a big chicken. I'm guessing it's the male!

The father being a little embarrassed is trying to coax him. "Look at your sister! She did it!"

And now they are both stuck on the patio by the bistro set!

Needless to say Momma(or Daddy?) is never far from site!

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