Monday, May 16, 2011


One of the ongoing dilemmas with Fred and Gloria is their rawhide bones. No matter how many they have laying around they always want the rawhide chew that the other one has. Maybe it just tastes better with someone else's slobber on it. I don't know and for obvious reasons, will never know. Gloria always wins out and has the "favourite" rawhide, well, 'cause she can just get down right nasty when it comes to defending the rawhide. Becki at Autumn Blaze Bassets already warned us when we got her that she really defends her rawhide. Most times she just gives ole Freddie "the look" and he backs off and just sits and whines. If your a female of any age you all know what "look" I'm talking about. I think all women are just born knowing how to give "the look".

Here Fred tries to distract Gloria with a tickle fight.

He tries to keep her mind off the slippery, slimy rawhide.

"Oh Gloria, your so much fun!" "I just love playing with you......blah,blah, blah."

When she is finally distracted...............

.....he moves in on the rawhide.

"Got it!"

"Gloria!" "Gloria!" (whine, whine) "Don't look at me that way!"


"Rats....I'm going to eat some dirt!"

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