Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Came to Town!

Yep. It's official. Santa came to our town last night to get some last minute gift ideas for Cameron and Emma. He was just awesome. You know Santa is good when he even makes the kids mother giddy! Cameron actually sat on Santas' knee and told him what he wanted. Sure little Emma screamed her head off if Brandi tried to take her near him, but she's only one. It's just not her year yet. Steve played an outstanding part as Santa! We even painted his eyebrows white! Then when Santa asked the kids Mom and Dad what they wanted, Brandi was taken by suprise and couldn't think of anything, but Phill jumped right in and said he wanted a garage. To which Santa replied, "How about some tinker toys?"

The whole event just added to the Christmas magic this year! And Steve.......well he was just happy to fulfill his dream of finally playing Santa for the grandbabies!

Honestly, I think Phill was "secretly" the most excited to see Santa!

Fred..... well as you can see is still anxiously waiting to see Santa himself.

And me, well I finally got my limoncello made!

Yep! It's gonna be a good Christmas!!! The whole family will be here for Christmas dinner and the Lions beat Tampa Bay in over time breaking their 26 game losing streak at away games. It's the miracle of Christmas I tell ya!!!!!


  1. Dad was awesome as Santa!! Cameron is still in "awe" about it and Emma is napping off the experience right now;) That made our Christmas right there:) Fred better be a good boy..and maybe he'll get some "tinker toys" too lol.

  2. Oh, I'm sure Fred will have lots of toys. They won't be his, but he'll have lots!!lol


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