Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Dinner with Fred

Friday night we finally got Brandi and the kids over for family dinner (Phill was working late). We haven't had many since we got Fred as he loooooves the kids and just wants to play, but they're just not feelin' it! It's hard to explain to a one and three year old that he is just a baby too and he really isn't trying to hurt you when he comes running at you full tilt ready to pounce. He isn't attacking, he just wants to play. So until they are a little older and Fred is a little calmer, this will be the scene when the kids are over.

Here, let me get a little closer for you.

The grandbabies were free to roam without being mauled by the fiend. (Sorry Fred I really do love ya!)

Fred on the subject.......
I'm not an animal ya know!!

Yes....yes Fred you are. And doing things like this is what scares the children.

Notice Freddie's Detroit Lions collar? That's my boy! And my boys in blue and silver won against Green Bay yesterday!!! That's right! In your face cheeseheads!!Gooooooooo Lions!!

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  1. I can't wait for Christmas this year with the kids...and yes, even Fred! ;) He'll do great! I'm sure he'll wear himself out lol. Keep posting pics, I love seeing your pictures off your new camera :)


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