Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mine and Fred's Week

Well, ole Freddie has had a busy week. After murdering his new toy,I say murder because, well, look for yourself.

Ya, it's dead.

I got him a very expensive, hopefully Fred proof new Kong toy. It's made of different textures and materials and rated 8 from 1 to 10 on the toughness scale. Freddie has had it for a week and it's still in one piece! It is fairly heavy but he still carries it around and it is big enough that him and Gloria will be able to share. (I haven't told Fred he has to share his toys yet)I'll open that can of worms on another day!

Me......I've just been trying to keep Freddie's mind off of his up coming surgery on Monday.(snicker, snicker) I just can't help it. It makes me giddy everytime I think of how close it is now.

Walks with Fred have just been great the last week. He is so, we'll say, "strong willed" some people might say rammy, or misbehaved, but we'll say, "strong willed", that he has basically dragged me around the last 9 months. I've tried different collars to stop his pulling to no avail. Then I tried a harness and well, Fred just thought he was a sled dog that somebody (not me) yelled "mush" to. A harness on a basset who's short legs and strong chest just give him more power....what was I thinking?

Oh, I'm sure in a perfect world with a laid back 10 year old hound that'd be great.....but not here.

I had mulled over the "Halti" but had tried that with Barney and it never worked, it just didn't seem right on a basset. Well, being desperate, not to mention every muscle being pulled in my body and being embarrassed walking him, I went in search of help. What I came home with is called the "Gentle Leader".

Well, HOLY COW!! I just can't believe it!! Freddie is a new dog on this lead. He behaves himself, walks beside me and doesn't pull even once. I just burst with pride everyday when I walk him now. I'm sure everyone who has seen us struggle with our daily walks over the past 9 months must be thinking, "Wow, did they take that dog to obedient school or something?" This lead is amazing for a dog that likes to pull. I am now in total control of our walks now.(ha!ha!) Why didn't I do this 9 months ago? Oh, well, better late than never.

Don't do it! Don't feel sorry for him......this is good...really!

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