Monday, March 21, 2011

Freddie's Big Day

Yep, it's finally here! Freddie's big day to be neutered or as the vet put it CASTRATED! Okay, that word just sounds painful so we will go with neutered.

First let me say that Freddie tried to use this face as a defence mechanism this morning.

It didn't work!

I was up at the crack of dawn with bells on my toes and a spring in my step. Oh, Freddie Spaghetti knew something was going down today. Then as if it wasn't humbling enough for poor Freddie this morning, the vet had him down as a cat! He was so embarrassed at this point that he wouldn't look anybody in the eye, he just hung his head and went with the assistant.

I think he knew something was up yesterday as he was being pretty sucky all day.
He came to me wanting to know......

What's up Momma? Why do you seem so happy?

But all I could do was snicker, every time I looked at him. So, he retreated to his father's lap. I guess it's a "man" thing.

After today, no more Mr. Bo Dangles! Sure it will be Mr. Droopy Sac for awhile, but I think he will survive. Just remember Freddie, your big sister Gloria is getting fixed today too, so suck it up!

In two weeks Freddie and Gloria will be frolicking about together and all will be forgotten!
Life is good!

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