Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Picture of Innocence (Hah!)

Well, Stevie's holidays are done and it was back to work this week. Holidays this year consisted of training Fred. We did have lots of company over to see Fred and some friends for barbecues. With a puppy you tend to go to bed early, get up early and have lots of naps in between. But, Freddie boy is completely trained now and is sleeping through the night. (9 hours last night!) I think Steve was happy to go back to work just to get a rest from raising Fred. As much as we love him, puppies are a lot of work. It's just like having a newborn baby and believe me, we are getting to old for this stuff! Fred is finally getting comfortable riding in the car and we have been taking him over to see our daughter and grandkids just so he doesn't think the only place he goes is the vet. He is quite well behaved when we take him, too! We take our little "doggy diaper bag" so he has a water bottle, toys, paper towels and a poop bag. He was weighed at the vet yesterday and is now 22.9 lbs. compared to 15 lbs. on July 6th. Yes, our little boy is growing up. We take him for a couple of walks around our crescent a day, well, he hasn't quite learned the "just walking" thing yet as he tends to run, then lay down, run then lay get the idea. So, it does take awhile, but he will get the hang of it. Bassets are very intelligent they are just stubborn! Fred is very loyal and lovable and we look so forward to all the years we will have with him. Bassets are definitely the way to go if you want a good loyal lovable family dog! Just remember, there are side effects; your heart will swell with love, you'll laugh alot more and oh yeah, there's drool! We still cannot thank Becki, from , enough for bringing "Fabulous Fred" into our lives!! She still has puppies available from Gloria's litter, too! So, if you want a "Fabulous" dog, check out her sight! She does an awesome job with her Bassets.

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  1. That is the cutest picture of Fred! I love him and he's come along so well. He's doing great and you guys are doing a great job with him. He's lucky to have you. :)


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