Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Detroit Bound

Got our season tickets for the Detroit Lions during our holidays! We get so excited when they come. Looks like I will be staying home with the Fredster for the first and possibly the second pre-season games. A small sacrifice for me to make for Freddie. I'll be watching (hopefully we can get it) on our 58 inch Panasonic Plasma tv sitting in my Detroit Lions Dreamseat!! Come on, ya can't get much better than that!!

The first regular season home game though, I will be there with my gear on (including the tattoos I got last year)cheering them on with my honey bunny! Since the Lions aquired Nate Burlson this year it makes it even more exciting for me, well, and my hubby, since Nate comes from my husbands team

So, first we hit the Pro Shop for a Nate Jersey for me and something "Lionish" for Fred! I can't wait to get him a Detroit Lions collar and leash! Then off to get our hot pretzel, cold beer and cruise the stadium before game time!! All I need now is a Ford Flex to get me to gameday instead of our Honda.

I think it's going to be an exciting season with the Lions. They're a young team with Matt as their proven quarterback. They have nowhere to go now but up!!

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