Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soul Dust

My sister and her husband lost not one dog this year but two. Jessi in March at the age of 18.

and Tiki this month at the age of 14

It is always such a tragedy to lose ones dog; best friend. I know from experience the heartache and guilt you feel when the time comes for you to make that painful decision not to be selfish and let them go. They're not here for a long time (compared to humans)but the impact they leave on us, lives on for ever. They teach us how to be patient, while being patient with us. They teach us how to be more compassionate, while being so compassionate with us. They help us bring back the genuine laughter that we had when we were young. All the while loving us unconditionally, being happy with us, being sad with us, and showing us just how big our hearts can grow. That is why when they leave us our hearts ache with so much emptiness. Emptiness that we think can only be filled with our best friends we lost. Then we realize they are still there in our hearts and the emptiness we feel is the extra space they've made in our hearts for that unconditional love of a dog.
So here's to Jessi and Tiki for the extra room they made in my sister and brother- in-laws hearts for another.
And for sprinkling some of their "soul dust" on Izzy.

Welcome Izzy.
Your in good hands!


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  2. What a great post! I got all teary-eyed and Izzy is SO flippin' cute!! She looks like a teddy bear :) Congrats Aunt Barb and Uncle Dave on such a great addition!


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